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We have established various brands, which are offered all over the country
Unisex brand, targeted at age of 15 to 50.
Combined Frame of Titanium and Duralumin.
Using Duralumin on the front part, the frame is strong and light.
The 291
Targeted at men with 50 or more years of age, the frame is completely made of high qualty Titanium.
Unisex brand, targeted at age of 15 to 45.
Using Duralumin, the frames are about 40% lighter compared to those of Titanium.
Strong, durable, and there is no worry of Nickel allergy.
Tageted at men with 30 or more years of age.
Brand started since 1932, when the company was established,.
Frames completely made of Titanium. Classical style frames, reliable and comfortable.
For men and women of all ages.
Rimless frames that uses βTitanium which is more flexible than common Titanium.
It is extremely light and simple.
Targeted at senior adults, it is an original brand by "The 291".
Frames are made of Titanium, designed to be elegant above all else.
The 291
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